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Aradion / Sep 02, 2014
I'm sure most people already know, but wanted to put this here just in case. Due to lack of members causing raids to be cancelled we have decided to merge with pimp my raid. A vast majority of us have gone over, but people are more than welcome to stay in defection, but there will be no raids.
Aradion / Aug 31, 2014

It's a shame to have to say this, but once again, sign ups for raids are poor. It always seems to be the same people, some always sign and turn up on time. Others don't sign and just turn up. The raids are on the calender for a reason, everyone knows when we raid. It's hard for us to figure out what to do when we go into a raid thinking we have 10 people and end with more. It takes no time to sign for raids and if the problem persists we may have to look into new rules to help sort the situation out.
Aradion / Aug 30, 2014

Stance Balance


We have normalized Assault Power across all classes and Support Power across all Tanks with the following changes: Weapons have been normalized across all Classes
  • For example, equal Heavy Guns and Pistols will now grant the same amount of Assault and Support Power
  • Assault Power gained via Primary Attributes and Milestones has been normalized across all Classes
  • A classes Primary DPS stat now always grants 0.61 points of Assault Power
  • Assault Power Milestones will now always grant 24.4 points of Assault Power

Support Power

Gained via Primary Attributes and Milestones has been normalized across all Tanks
  • A classes Primary Support stat now always grants 0.61 points of Support Power (Tanks Only)
  • Support Power Milestones will now always grant 24.4 points of Support Power (Tanks Only)
  • All DPS stance damage increases have been removed
  • Tank stances now have damage dealt penalties


Next patch (TBD)

  • New bonuses for standing still for both Assault and Support abilities.
  • Updated Abilities and Ability Tiers such as Telekinetic Strike, Spectral Swarm, Haunt, Mind Burst, Illusionary Blades, Blade Dance and Reap.
  • Soothes Telegraph should be fixed and should now show up for Allies.
  • Updated AMPs such as Tactician, B-I-N-G-O, and Mental Overflow.
  • With the upcoming changes to Assault and Support Power being adjusted to match other classes Superiority was performing far better than intended and has been adjusted to compensate for that change.

Distant patch
  • Improve Support style AMP selections.
  • Increase the viability of underused Abilities and Ability Tiers.



  • Charged Shot T8 Bonus: Overall damage has increased, but applies over time.
  • Rapid Fire T4 Bonus: Previously the T8 Bonus, Rapid Fire reduces True Shot’s cooldown. New T8 Bonus.
  • Flame Burst: Will be castable while casting.
  • Arcane Missiles: Becomes mobile at base. Will deal Damage instead of Distributed Damage. T4 Bonus: Restores 5 Spell Power on hit. New T8 Bonus.

  • Runic Healing: Overall healing has increased. T8 Bonus: Will grant the T4 Defense to the additional target as well.
  • Vitality Burst T5: If Surged, cast time will be properly reduced to 1.3s.


DPS Next Patch

  • All fields will now apply a debuff/buff to enemies/allies that enter the field. This buff is refreshed each tick of the field as long as they remain in the field.
  • Paralytic Surge cd down to 25 secs
  • Magnetic Lockdown, off the GCD, instant cast, will interrupt casting and, will remove 1 Interrupt Armor.
  • Recycler has 100% chance to trigger on Gamma Rays or Quantum Cascade crits, this will have 2 sec cd
  • Crisis Wave will now prioritize allies with lowest HP.
  • T4 allows to be cast once every 8 sec with no Actuator cost
  • T8 will grant significant bonus healing to allies under 30% hp

Healers Future Patch

  • Empowering Aura is being moved to the Hybrid tree so that it can be used by both specs with little impact on DPS builds.
  • Healing AMPs will be getting a balance overhaul to make them more viable and comparable to Reboot.
  • Adding Actuator to the base tier of Dual Shock.
  • Triage increasing the cooldown for noticeably enhanced power. This will be able to trigger the Reboot AMP. T8 will be swapped to T4 and a new T8 will be added that causes the cooldown to be reduced if used on a low health ally.
  • Shield Surge T8 will be replaced with something that will increase its damage and healing if the Medic is above 50% Shields.


Next patch

  • Neutralize and Ruin will be receiving a buff to their damage. Additionally, Neutralize will stack fewer times and has had its tier 4 and tier 8 slightly reworked to increase its damage output.
  • Bloodthirst has been reworked to give an outgoing damage buff at the base tier in addition to its Lifesteal. Additionally the Tier 4 and 8 have been reworked.
  • Stim Drone has been reworked to have a CC Break at base.
  • With the upcoming changes to Assault and Support Power being adjusted to match other classes Brutality Mastery was performing far better than intended and has been adjusted to compensate for that change.
  • The cooldown on Stealth is will reset when the Stalker dies.
Distant Patch

  • Improve Support style AMP selections.
  • Improve the effectiveness of minimally used Abilities and Ability Tiers.
  • General look at Threat gained per damage dealt.



  • Removal of self-snare on all Engineer abilities.
  • Bot AI improvements, including adjustments to stances so they don’t all feel the same.
  • Reducing the amount of Volatility gained through Reckless Dash AMP.
  • Reduced the cooldown and made adjustments to Target Acquisition to make it less punishing to use.
  • Made multiple adjustments to Mortar Strike to improve the ease of use and change up the cadence of use.
    Tanks Future Patch
  • Improve Support style AMP selections.
  • Improve reliability and usage of skills that increase survivability.
  • General look at Threat gained per damage dealt.



  • Jolt is becoming an on-demand ability that is great for pulls and burst threat on creatures out of melee range.
  • Shield Burst is replacing Jolt as the second Energy restricted ability and has great sustained threat and synergy with Bolstering Strike and Emergency Reserves.
  • Atomic Spear will also be useable after the Warrior’s attacks are deflected and can be used while casting abilities.

  • Relentless Strikes T8 will now trigger every 3 strikes rather than an RNG chance.
  • Ripsaw is getting a slight buff to its tier scaling but its major tiers are re-worked to grant better bonuses to damage.
  • Savage Strikes is going back on GCD, and gaining a slight CD increase for a noticeable bump in damage as well as having the T4 now work on base.
  • Whirlwind: This is getting a quite noticeable buff to base damage, tier scaling, and both major tier bonuses are being re-worked to enhance the abilities output making it very strong for AoE fights.
Tanks and Tremor Future Patch

  • Tank Specific Utility: We are looking at 3 tanks to investigate how much total utility vs. spec specific utility they bring and will be making adjustments.
  • AMPs, we are formulating our plans for adjusting AMPs to buff or replace Weaker AMPs and improve quality of life issues.
  • Reinforcing the Warrior’s “Shield Tank” mechanics.
  • Bringing Tremor off the “bench”